Too many emotions hitting you way too fast. You let yourself fall so quickly as if living some kind of fairytale. You expect everything to work out perfectly and for  a happy ever after. When reality hits, everything turns to shit. You begin to over analyze everything that lead up to this moment. Why did you let yourself become so lost in this fairytale? Now you’re left heartbroken and alone. How could you be so stupid to think this fairytale could exist?

This fairytale does exist. Maybe not the exact way you pictured it. There will always be imperfections. But isn’t that what makes life so intriguing? Maybe you did get too caught up in this. What’s wrong with craving that beautiful fairytale moment? This will make you stronger and when you do find that moment, it will be worth all of those heartbreaks. Do not live in a world without fairytale endings. 


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