Living in Alaska


I live in the beautiful 49th state of Alaska. If that’s not enough, I’m in a small town called North Pole. All of the street lights are painted as candy canes and there’s even a gift shop called the Santa Claus House that houses many reindeer. It’s cute but it’s just like any other small town in the lower 48. However, there are many nearby places to go for sights like the one you see above. This picture was taken on the drive home from a popular fishing town called Valdez. This long 6 hour drive from North Pole to Valdez features many mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and maybe a few moose. It’s a gorgeous drive that I have taken many times but will never get tired of.

I love to be outdoors and Alaska is the perfect place for me. Many people believe that it must be cold and dark all of the time here, but this is untrue. Yes, the long winter is extremely cold (sometimes down to -40 degrees F), we can get tons of snow, and we can have almost 24 hours of darkness. This winter usually lasts from late September to mid- April. We have what seems like only a week or two of Spring before our summer begins. We sometimes get high temperatures of about 80 degrees F and we slowly gain daylight as the summer progresses. We eventually reach a day we call “Midnight Sun” where we have 24 hours of sunlight. After this day, we slowly lose daylight again for the winter. I love the summers here in Alaska because there is so much to do. I love to go hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, camping, skiing, four-wheeling and so much more.

I am so proud to live in such a wonderful place. I sometimes forget how lucky I am to be here until I catch a view of the magnificent Northern Lights or I spend a weekend among friends while camping in the middle of the woods. It really is a great place and if you love outdoor adventures I would definitely suggest to come and visit the beautiful state of Alaska!



4 thoughts on “Living in Alaska

  1. Mia says:

    Wow! That’s awesome! It’s so cool when I find blogs where I can read real experiences from different countries, not just reading information on wikipedia and fake photos and impressions 🙂 And Alaska is a very interesting place, so different from all other places. And I’m pretty sure you really have things to show to your readers. Keep writing, I’m waiting for other posts 🙂

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